Manufactured Housing News In Illinois


The following have been approved to serve as At-Large Directors for the next year: 

  • Aaron Pizer – Zeman Homes
  • Frank Rolfe – RV Horizons
  • George Allen – Sherwood Forest
  • Nancy Hesselmann – Riley Homes
  • Karl Breehne – 2 Creeks Community and Home Sales
  • Kevin Shaughnessy – Four Leaf Properties...

After receiving numerous questions and requests for guidance on how to be compliant with HUD’s Installation Standards for foundation systems in freezing climates, HUD has begun reviewing the acceptability of various foundation designs.

The desire to use Frost-Free or Frost-Protected shallow foundations has increased as a cost effective installation method. However HUD has expressed...


The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Office of Manufactured Housing Programs (OMHP) has launched a new website for the HUD Manufactured Home Dispute Resolution Program (DRP) - The website provides detailed information about the program, including educational materials for the manufactured housing industry and homeowners...


Rishel Consulting Group has released its "March Finance Newsletter" containing several industry-based articles which should be of interest to all IMHA Members including:

  • Court Rules on "Rent-a-lender" which may have repercussions in our industry

  • Secrets to Credit Success

  • Secrets to Collection Success...


From Warren Buffet’s Letter to Shareholders:


Kevin Clayton has again delivered an industry-leading performance at Clayton Homes, the second-largest home builder in America. Last year, the company sold 34,397 homes, about 45% of the manufactured homes bought by Americans. In contrast, the company was number three in the field, with a 14% share, when Berkshire purchased...


Everyone in the business of selling and/or leasing manufactured homes should have written and posted fair housing policies.  Such policies not only reduce the risk of suffering the financial loss of a successful fair housing claim, but having them in place is simply good business practice.


A good set of policies informs employees of the organizations commitment to fair housing...


The PBS News Hour recently ran a segment titled "Bad Bargain? Manufactured Homeowners Feel the Financial Strain", as a part of their "Chasing the Dream" series. Apparently, the reporters didn't listen to their own facts and statistics, because they clearly demonstrated that manufactured homes are a fantastic bargain for the consumer, and not the nemesis that they intended. They were apparently...


HUD Administrative Takeover Looming

It is all but assured that the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) will enter the manufactured housing business in Illinois beginning January 1, 2016.

Changes coming with the new year will include 100% inspection of all new first-time sets of manufactured homes in Illinois, HUD licensure of home installers, additional...


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HB 2627 “High Risk Home Loan – Personal Property” has been signed into law by Governor Bruce Rauner. This bill brings chattel lending for manufactured homes in Illinois in line with all surrounding states and adopts federal interest caps. The bill becomes...