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The Illinois Manufactured Housing Association (IMHA) is a trade association representing and promoting all segments of the factory built housing industry through education, public policy and member support.

6 Myths of Manufactured Housing

Manufactured Homes - More Choices, Less Cost


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An Auburn University research project looks to improve tornado resilience for mobile and...


A new Illinois law, Public Act 103-0132, effective 6/30/23, prohibits requiring rent payment...

Factory-Built Homes Are Best!

Factory Built Homes Are Affordable

On average $58 per sq. ft compared to $135 per sq. ft. for a site built home.

Manufactured Homes Have a Controlled Building Process

A controlled build process increases efficiency, avoids cost over runs and decreases delays and complications caused by the weather. Factory built homes typically take 1/3 of the time vs. site built homes.

Manufactured Homes Offer Modern Amenities & Flexible Design.

Manufactured homes have all of the amenities of a site built home and can be customized to fit your needs.

Learn more about the benefits of manufactured housing.

  • Uses the funds raised to support candidates who help promote IMHA's legislative issues; including, but limited to: fighting to preserve the privilege tax option, supporting new sources for retail lending and a willingness to work toward commonsense regulations and licensing provisions
  • Can receive contributions from individuals and business entities.
  • Contributions are not tax deductible for state of federal income tax purposes

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