Board of Directors

Fred Boshardt

Fred is a Principal of FBK Management which operates manufactured housing communities throughout Illinois, Michgan, Kansas, Missouri and Florida. Fred joins the IMHA Board as an at-large director.

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david combs

Dave is an owner of House & Home in Pana, IL. As a member of the sales team Dave is deeply involved in customer service and installation issues. House & Home is a retailer of both manufactured and modular homes. Dave serves the IMHA Board as the Retailer's Chapter Representative.

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Rose Graham

Rose is a Market Development Manager for Clayton Homes Wakarusa and serves as the Manufacturer's Chapter delegate to the IMHA Board.

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Dylan Hughey

Dylan has been involved in the manufactured housing industry for just over a decade, and currently works for one of the fastest growing companies in the business, overseeing their communities in Illinois and neighboring states.  Dylan is excited to see what he can do for our industry through his role in the IMHA.

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Heather Jones

Heather, along with her husband Jacob, is an owner and operator of J & H Transportation & Investments LLC and serves as the Transportation & Intallation delegate to the IMHA Board

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Mark Krober

Mark Krober is Sales Manager for Mobile Home Stuff Store and a HUD Licensed installer. Mark travels extensively in Illnois and Wisconson intereacting with owners and managers across the region. Mark serves as an at-large director and Secretary to the IMHA Board..

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Joseph Longo

James McCaughan

James is the Midwest Regional Manager for Yale Realty and Capital Advisors and serves as an At Large Director on the IMHA Board.

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John Medernach

John is Executive Vice President for 1st Secure Community Bank in Sugar Grove Illinois. 1st Secure has provided over $35 million in loans to MHCs since 2015. John serves as the Finance & Professional Services delegate to the IMHA Board.

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Billie Murphy

Billie is a Regional Manager for YES! Communities.

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Margo Napoles

Margo Napoles is Managing Director of Property Management for Peak Management Company, LLC Margo has years of experience in Manufactured Home community management. She is also a licensed Real Estate Broker and a Fair Housing Specialist.

Margo is an At-Large Member of the IMHA Board and Past Chair. She currently serves as Chair of the Legislative Committee.

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Ron Steed

Ron is a Regional Manager for Inspire Communities and has been involved with the manufactured housing industry since 1997. He entered the industry as a repair and rehab contractor.  In 2008 he became involved in community planning and development. He has since coordinated and consulted on site planning and development across the Midwest.

Ron serves as and at large director and is Immediate Parst Chairman of the Board.

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TJ Taylor

TJ Taylor is Chief Operating Officer for Bell-Mac dba Sun-Rys Distributing and serves as an at-large director, Chairman and Treasurer for the Association.

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Heather Taylor

Heather started out as a community manager in 2016 and worked her way up to a regional manager before leaving that company and coming to Mobile Home Stuff Store as Branch Manager. She has tried out both sides of the MH World and is glad she did because she just loves it! Heather is also a Licensed HUD Installer and serves as the Transportation and Installer Chapter representative to the Association.

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Kathryn Teutsch

Kathy began her career in 2016 in the same community she grew up in - Hilltop Mobile Homes in Bloomington, Illinois. Kathy, who is bilingual, was recruited to assist in translating during an interview for a prospective new tenant. Her passion for helping that family become homeowners was immediately recognized and rewarded with not only full-time employment but led to Kathy being elevated to the position of Regional Manager in less than two years. 

As an At Large Director to the IMHA Board, Kathy looks forward to building relationships with other industry leaders, and in continuing her professional development through her participation in the Association.


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