Title Transfer Fees Increased

Governor JB Pritzker recently signed legislation which signifiacntly raised most fees associated with vehicle registration and title fees in Illinois. Increases in title fees took effect immediately upon his signature. Registration will fees increase on January 1, 2020. 

Public Act 101-0032 raises title fees for all on-highway vehicles from $95 to $150 and raises title fees for motor homes and van campers to $250!

Manufactured homes are not specifically mentioned in the legislation, but a call to the Secretary of State's legal department informed us that their current interpretation of the new law is that titles for manufactured homes would be subject to the new $150 rate.

This increase flies in the face of everyone's efforts to provide and maintain affordable housing in Illinois. Manufactured homes, while titled as vehicles in Illinois, are not "on-highway vehicles". IMHA was not consulted on this increase and will be holding discussions with state legislators about the intent of the new law.

More information about vehicle fee increases can be found at cyberdriveillinois.com