President Trump Signs Bill That Provides Some Housing Relief

As part of a larger legislative package extending funding for federal government operations through next September, the bill signed by President Trump on Sunday night includes the following provisions for housing providers and Illinois residents:

  • Illinois residents who meet certain income levels (similar to the first round of direct stimulus money but a lesser amount) will receive direct payments of $600.
  • Provides rental assistance to tenants and housing providers in Illinois. State and local governments will receive an estimated $850 to $950 million of the $25 billion appropriated for states and local governments under the package.
  • The federal eviction moratorium is extended through January 31, 2021. However, the current Illinois eviction moratorium remains in place through January 9, 2021 and is the one for Illinois housing providers to follow, until such time as it expires or is not extended.

Illinois individuals who are self-employed or independent contractors can continue to receive unemployment benefits through April 19, 2021. The federal portion of those benefits would pay an additional $300 per week through March 14, 2021.

A housing omnibus bill is expected to be introduced in the Illinois General Assembly soon. Meanwhile, negotiations on a statewide housing relief bill should continue in advance of an anticipated lame duck session of the General Assembly.


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