MHI - Fair Housing Update

Everyone in the business of selling and/or leasing manufactured homes should have written and posted fair housing policies.  Such policies not only reduce the risk of suffering the financial loss of a successful fair housing claim, but having them in place is simply good business practice.


A good set of policies informs employees of the organizations commitment to fair housing and sets the expectations they should conduct themselves accordingly. Additionally, it sets a standard in your organization that all applicants and residents are treated consistently. 


An organization’s fair housing policy doesn’t have to be long. Brief is good. But it should be clear, concise and include the protected classes in all relevant laws (federal, state and local).


In addition to listing the basic protected classes, the policy should include directions on how to file a complaint.  Circulate the policy to all residents and keep a copy posted in the community’s management office. Make sure you have a large print format available for those who might request it.


Finally, give a copy of your fair housing policy to all employees (not just those in the front office).  But don’t stop there with your employees. Training is the key to compliance. Actively manage your employee’s behavior relative to fair housing.  Stay involved, and where necessary take action with employee misconduct.


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