IDPH Adopts Regulatory Changes to Manufactured Home Community Code

SPRINGFIELD - IDPH has adopted amendments to Manufactured Home Community Code (77 IAC 860; 42 Ill Reg 18682), effective 2/6/19, updating requirements for water supplies, sewage disposal systems, electrical systems and refuse disposal in mobile home parks and manufactured home communities.


The rulemaking makes distinctions between community and non-community water systems and public water systems; updates incorporated standards and other documents; and classifies violations of each requirement as Type A, B or C violations. Type C violations are those that may cause serious injury or death to residents, employees or the public; DPH may take immediate action, including closure, to abate Type C violations and will impose fines of $100 per violation, per day. Type A violations carry no penalty if corrected within 10 days. Type B violations and uncorrected Type A violations carry fines of $25 per violation, per day.


Owners and managers of mobile home parks and manufactured home communities are affected by this rulemaking.


IMHA has been involved in the development of these regulatory changes for the past couple of years, working with IDPH to ensure they would not unduly impact our members.


Questions/requests for copies of the IDPH rulemaking contact: Erin Conley, IDPH, 535 W. Jefferson St.,

5th Fl., Springfield IL 62761, 217/782-2043,


A link to the Illinois Register which highlights the changes on pages 2558 - 2596: