Governor Issues 'Stay at Home Order'

Governor JB Pritzker has issued a mandatory 'Stay at Home Order' for all non-essential employees which takes effect this evening through April 7. This is not a lockdown, but a voluntary order of compliance. Many property management functions and home construction activities are considered essential services. Each employer continuing operations during this time frame should establish procedures and take all necessary precautions to protect your employees and your community residents from the risk of catching or spreading viruses.

IMHA is recommending that each employer compile a list of their employees that are considered essential and then issue some sort of credential they can show if questioned. There should also be one or more contacts designated within your organization who can verify the information should it become necessary to do so.

As part of this Executive Order the Governor has also halted eviction proceedings statewide. Please contact your attorney to develop plans and policies as necessary.

Read the Governor's Executive Order