Governor Extends Eviction Moratorium

On Friday evening 6/11/21 Governor JB Pritzker issued EO 2021-13 which:

·       Creates new categories of “covered” and “non-covered” people.

o   Covered people provide their landlord or property owner with a declaration proving that they:

§  Earned $99K or less in 2020;

§  Are unable to make their housing payment due to COVID-19-related hardship;

§  Clearly attempted to pay housing; AND

§  Eviction would render them homeless.

o   If those criteria do not apply, or the tenant does not provide a declaration, they are a “non-covered person.”

·       Extends eviction indefinitely for covered people.

·       Extends eviction moratorium for non-covered people who do not owe rent through June 25.

o   Allows evictions of non-covered people who do owe rent.

o   Allows all evictions of non-covered people after June 25.

·       State and local law enforcement have been instructed not enforce eviction orders for covered or non-covered people through June 25.

o   After June 25, they will begin enforcing order for non-covered people only.