Gov. Pritzker Extends Eviction Order Again

In an all too typical Friday late afternoon news dump, Illinois Governor extended his COVID related executive orders and the state's eviction moratorium until March 6th. 

These endless extensions are irresponsible toward both tenants and housing providers. Maintenance and repairs still need to be made. Mortgages and taxes still need to be paid. It appears that decision makers in government are choosing to ignore these considerations.

The eviction moratoriums do not suspend rent. One recent study (December 2020) found that the average renter who is behind on payments owes about $5,600, approximately four months’ worth. Nor do theses moratoriums provide any real help for tenants or housing providers. As a result, when the moratoriums are eventually lifted we can expect to see the dreaded mass evictions and foreclosures as both residents landlords collapse under the financial strain of these past due amounts.