Changes coming for all New HUD Code Home Sales and Installation

HUD Administrative Takeover Looming

It is all but assured that the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) will enter the manufactured housing business in Illinois beginning January 1, 2016.

Changes coming with the new year will include 100% inspection of all new first-time sets of manufactured homes in Illinois, HUD licensure of home installers, additional paperwork for both retailers and installers and the potential for local authorities to get more involved in your installs.

Illinois’ manufactured housing installation and licensing programs have struggled with a list of deficiencies requiring both legislative changes (changing existing law) and changes in administrative rule in order to bring the Illinois program into compliance with HUD’s minimum standards. The needed changes may take a minimum of eight (8) months or more to work their way through the rule making process. 

Given the stalemate in the State Legislature, IMHA recommends that you:

  • Visit to learn about the HUD administrative program
  • Review the “Installation Program Information Packet” linked on the HUD program website
  • Make yourself familiar with the new “Manufactured Home Installation Forms” found there
  • Join in on one or more of the scheduled “Open Industry Conference Calls”
  • Review the respective web page tabs for your area of interest (Installer, Retailer, etc.)

Based on the time frames needed to make program corrections, all Illinois Installers should consider pursuing the educational requirements for HUD licensure well ahead of the June 1, 2016 deadline. IMHA will be offering in-person training sessions across the state in the early Spring.

State program requirements remain in full effect - As a reminder, the requirements for all installations (new or used) remain in full force and effect under existing state laws and IDPH rules.


HUD Administration only affects the first-time sale and set of brand new manufactured homes.


IMHA remains committed to working with our industry partners and the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) to correct the deficiencies in the state programs and help disseminate information and your answer questions about these changes.

Contact John Reilly, Illinois MH Program Administrator and SAA at IDPH at 217-785-3043 or Frank Bowman IMHA Executive Director at 217-528-3423 for more information or answers to your questions.